American bulldog kennel established in 2003. We breed Johnson type American bulldogs.The main purpose of our breeding is to improve our stock. We also offer american bulldogs for sale. American bulldog puppies are whelped under our supervision and our vets.We socialize our American Bulldog puppies and we give them the best care. We feed our american bulldogs a diet consisting of meat and quality dog food. The American bulldogs we keep have been with us for 3 generations. We run a tight program testing and eliminating American Bulldogs as necessary. We never breed a female more then 3 times and usually it is less then that. Breeding females are retired to family homes or they stay with us as our beloved pets.

Our goal is to produce , strong, agile, healthy and even tempered American bulldogs. Our American Bulldogs make excellent family companions and some are well suited for work. The majority of the dogs we offer for sale end up with families. American Bulldogs do have drive and we suggest that every new owner completes training with their

American Bulldog. We are here to support new owners with advice. We have been involved in producing 9 champion American Bulldogs.

Steel City American Bulldogs is well known kennel within the American Bulldog community. If you would like more information on our American Bulldogs please give us a call - we are never to busy to answer your questions about an American bulldog

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